Lot# 161
SELLER: Holton Cattle and Consulting
HEAD 108 Bred Hfrs
BREEDS 100% Brangus Type
FEEDING PROGRAM Currently on pasture, supplemented with silage, and will remain so till delivery. Free choice complete mineral.
HEALTH DETAILS Bovishield Gold 5, 7 way Blackleg, Ocuguard Pinkeye, ALL OF THESE VACCINES WERE BOOSTERED. Dewormed twice each year.
DELIVERY RANGE 06/02/20 - 07/31/20
COMMENTS Located near Camilla GA. Gate cut...No picking. Fall Calving Bred Heifers. Brangus Type. Current weight 1,000 lbs+. CLICK ZOOM AT THE SLIDE SHOW TO GET A CLOSER LOOK AT THE HEIFERS! These Heifers will calve as 2 year olds approx. October through December. Bred to Virgin, Low Birthweight Angus Bulls. Gentle and handle well. Seller offers delivery options. Call Matt Holton (334-707-0748) or Jim Austin (251-751-9376) for price and additional info.
SALE DATE 06/02/20
REP Matt Holton (334-707-0748)