Lot# 2a
SELLER: Fincher Cattle Co.
HEAD AND WEIGHT 100 Bred Hfrs 1000#
BREEDS 100% English X
FEEDING PROGRAM Currently on Improved Fertilized Pasture and will remain so till delivery. Free choice complete mineral.
HEALTH DETAILS Bovishield Gold 5, 7 way Blackleg, Ocuguard Pinkeye, ALL OF THESE VACCINES WERE BOOSTERED. Express FP 5VL5, Enforce One Shot. Calfhood Bangs Vaccinated. Dewormed twice each year.
DELIVERY RANGE 05/18/22 - 09/01/22
WEIGH LOCATION Hurley Mississippi (15 miles W Mobile AL)
WEIGH CONDITIONS 100 head of English Type Fall Calving Bred Heifers. Gate cut by the PCA Representative.
COMMENTS 100 head of FCC English Type Fall Calving Bred Heifers. Will start calving as Two Year Olds approx. 10/1/22. These Heifers will average 1,000 lbs+. CLICK ZOOM AT THE SLIDE SHOW TO GET A CLOSER LOOK AT THE HEIFERS! Located in SE Mississippi, near I-10 at the MS/AL state line. Bulls were turned out January 1, 2022. These Heifers will calve as 2 year old's. Bred to Virgin, Low Birthweight Angus Bulls. Each Heifer tagged to reflect calving range at ultra sound preg test. Reproductive Tract Scored. Any heifer not capable of calving will be removed at preg test. Gentle and handle well. Seller offers delivery options.
These heifers will be sold as a gate cut, at $1800/HD. Call James Fincher (251-331-4121) or Jim Austin (251-751-9376).
SALE DATE Unscheduled
REP jimaustin 251-751-9376