SELLER: Oak Ridge Farms
HEAD 16 Cows
BREEDS 100% Angus Sired
FEEDING PROGRAM Currently on Fertilized Native Pasture, with no supplemental feed. Free choice complete mineral.
HEALTH DETAILS Triangle 10, 8 way Blackleg, Both VACCINES BOOSTERED. Dewormed twice each year. Two rounds of Vibrio-Lepto-Trich, prior to bull turnout.
DELIVERY RANGE 10/18/21 - 11/19/21
COMMENTS For sale by Private Treaty...16 three year old (all are same age), exposed Angus/Brangus type cows. Thirteen have calves at side, three are close to calving. Will sell as pairs. Mostly black, couple BWF. Located near Daytona FL. Oldest calf is thirty days old' and they are unexposed since last breeding season. Take them home and turn out the bull of your choice. CLICK ZOOM AT THE SLIDE SHOW TO GET A CLOSER LOOK AT THESE FEMALES!! Gentle and handle well. Call Robert Burney (863-634-2045) or Jim Austin (251-751-9376) for more info.
SALE DATE 10/16/21
REP Robert Burney 863-634-2045